Monday, February 18, 2013

We learn so MUCH!

Hello world! Jamie aqui. (Some kids at the school actually speak Spanish, so if any teachers are reading this, may I hint at extra credit oppportunities because I spoke to them in a foreign language?)

Click here to see The Jaguar video! It's super cool!

I will take a page from Mrs. Wilder's book, and begin with a quotation:
"This is what I've learned from Mr. Eric: poker face, hand face, BANANA!!!" -Abbie

As you can see, we are having an extremely educational trip! Actually though, we have learned so much already, and it's only day 3!! I shall start with what I call Pamster Wisdom. For example, she was explaining about a snake called a ferdilance (spelled COMPLETELY wrong.) For a good ten minutes, I was convinced she was saying fertile ants.
Overall, she and Mr. Eric have been great sports in dealing with six bug-a-phobic, southern California, hormone-induced teenagers. Which includes the fact that we call her Pamster.
To sum up our day, we began with going to the school, where we met engergy-filled preschool through second graders. We split into two groups, with Abbie, Tomiko, and Yaritza going to lay the foundation for three teeter-totters, and Julia, Amanda, and me starting on sewing beanbags for the beanbag toss. Though we are not expert seamstresses, we have learned quite a bit about sewing. Mr. Eric even tried! I will say the best of us was Javier. He finished 1.5 bags, whereas the rest of us finished 1/2-1 bag.
The best part of the day was when the kids came out to play. Though shy at first, they soon warmed up, and before long we were all playing tag, duck duck goose, and soccer (futbol). I made two particular friends named Jennifer and Kenya,  who came right up to me and grabbed my hand. Amanda's hair was a very big topic of interest for many of the girls and even some boys, due to the colored feathers she has woven in.
After school (and delicious lunch!) we went to a Mayan cultural museum, where we got to make tortillas (we all deserve Mayan husbands) and juice sugar cane. Pamela/Pamster/Ms. Pam/Mrs. Conti went into much more detail on her blog. Right now, I'm tired, so I'm going to sign off!
Yours in Belize,
PS Abbie would like me to let you know that comments are welcome.
Pamster grinds coffee.

Maya Center Maya Museum

I made tortillas!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
Sounds like you are getting an excellent cultural excursion. I'd show off your new language skills to Mrs. Harrelson, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Bugs? You guys don't like bugs :)
The jaguar video is super cool!

World Leadership School said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the update. The jaguar was absolutely beautiful. Were they feeding it chicken bones?

Unknown said...

Great news about the puffy tortillas and your Mayan wife status! Won't all the Pegasus boys be devastated to hear you girls are all now spoken for!

Dad and Mom said...

Jamie, that cat was much scarier than the libre de Patagonia, huh? PS a tip with the FLIP. Hold it in one hand and hold your wrist with the other hand. Acts like a Steadicam to stabilize that tiny camera. Also because of how it compresses pictures it doesn't handle fast motion very well. Go real slow and linger on things and it does really well. Amazing adventure! Ms Kominsky is following too!

Susan Paterno said...

A question about that bone-crunching jaguar. Is it really caged behind what looks like a flimsy fishing net? Awesome!! ("Ferdelance: a large pit viper of tropical America." Fertile Ants works too :0}

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!!!!! Hope you're having a blast with Kenya and Jennifer! You will be extraordinary with sewing, wahoo!!

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