Monday, February 18, 2013

School time!

Hi everybody! It's Julia. This is going to be very short because everyone covered most of the good stuff that happened. I would just like to say it is awesome here and I am having a great time. The kids are super sweet, cute, and jamie is awesome, and fun to be with. I played jump rope or skip (that is what the kids called jump rope)for about an hour, but it was so fun! I have only managed to memorize a couple of the kids names, which include, Jennifer and Kenya. While the kids were in class Amanda, Jamie, and I worked on sewing bean bags for a bean bag toss. As people have said before me there was chocolate eating, tortilla eating, and coffee bean eating(I don't like coffe beans.) Today was fun and I can't wait till tomorrow.
~Julia the awesome


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie the awesome,

I'm sure it was a good experience to interact with the kids! Sounds like a fun time to do things like jump rope...sometimes the best things are the most natrual things, and everyone enjoys jump rope!
You guys ate coffee beans? I like coffee, but that may be a stretch! Have fun..

Sharon Qualls said...

Julia, I love reading the trip blog! Did you fill the bean bags with coffee beans? Thanks for the update....keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Julia- I bet the school children are all in love with you girls by now! They are going to be sad to see you go! Looks like you will have to plan a return trip someday :)

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